How cattle ranchers in Brazil cope with weather shocks

Agricultural producers around the world must adapt to changing weather patterns. Much research has focused on mitigation strategies for crop production, but livestock producers face unique challenges.

Hurricane season remains far from over, due to dry climate

The arrival of Hurricane Fiona and the devastation it has already caused to Puerto Rico is an important reminder that hurricane season is far from over, says Virginia Tech hurricane expert Stephanie Zick. "While it's been ...

Millions of farmers 'replumb' the world's largest delta

Collective groundwater pumping by millions of farmers in Bangladesh in the dry season each year has created vast natural reservoirs underground that, over a 30-year-period, rival the world's largest dams—these sustain irrigation ...

Tropical insects are extremely sensitive to changing climates

Insects that are adapted to perennially wet environments, like tropical rainforests, don't tend to do well when their surroundings dry out. New research published this Wednesday indicates they may be equally averse to heavy ...

In scorched UK, source of River Thames dries up

At the end of a dusty track in southwest England where the River Thames usually first emerges from the ground, there is currently scant sign of any moisture at all.

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