In Brazil town turning to desert, farmers fight to hang on

Standing amid a terrain of rugged red craters that looks like something from Mars, Brazilian farmer Ubiratan Lemos Abade extends his arms, pointing to two possible futures for this land fast turning to desert.

Brazil vows more aid as Amazon waters dry up

Brazil's Vice-President Geraldo Alckmin said Wednesday that more help would be sent to an Amazon state where rivers are drying up in a severe drought, causing mass die-offs of fish and dolphins.

How plants survive droughts and extreme rainfall

Tropical ecosystems are constantly navigating between prolonged drought and extreme rainfall, but little research has been done to understand why some plants are able to survive these swings in climate.

Biogeochemical insights from a major Amazonian river

Rivers provide water to billions of people and are critical linkages between continental ecosystems and oceans. Every run and every riffle reshape the surrounding landscape as a river transports nutrients and sediment downstream. ...

Mars once had wet-dry climate conducive to supporting life: Study

NASA's Curiosity rover has discovered the first evidence that Mars once had a climate which alternated between wet and dry seasons similar to Earth, a study said on Wednesday, suggesting the red planet may have once had the ...

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