Human-induced drying trend in Central Asia since the 1950s

The economies of northern Central Asia rely heavily on agriculture and are particularly affected by changes in the local hydrological cycle. However, this region is one of the largest dryland regions in the Northern Hemisphere ...

Russia forecasters warn over Siberia forest fires

The vast Russian region of Siberia will face hot and dry weather this year leading to more forest fires, forecasters said on Tuesday, linking the blazes to climate change.

Climate change doesn't spare the smallest

In a normal year, biologists Daniel Janzen and Winnie Hallwachs spend about six months in Costa Rica, where they conduct research and pursue conservation efforts in Área de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG), a World Heritage ...

Climate change ravages Kashmir's 'red gold' saffron crop

On sweeping fields once blanketed in lush purple, a thin and bedraggled crop of flowers is all farmers in Indian-administered Kashmir's saffron-growing region Pampore have to show for this year's harvest.

CSIRO maps Darwin's hot spots and heat-health vulnerability

On the back of Darwin's record-breaking November heat, scientists from Australia's national science agency CSIRO have released two reports, one mapping the city's surface temperatures and one providing strategies to deal ...

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