Declining trend in the use of antibiotics in fattening animals

Antibiotics are being used less and less in fattening animals. This is the result found by the report, "Treatment Frequency and Antibiotic Consumption Quantities 2018–2021: Trends in Cattle, Pigs, Chickens and Turkeys Kept ...

Decline in North Sea puffins causes concern

The Isle of May, off Scotland's east coast, is home to one of the UK's biggest colonies of seabirds. Some 200,000 birds, from kittiwakes to guillemots can flock to the rocky outcrop at the height of the breeding season.

Global silicate weathering carbon sink has huge potential

The silicate carbon weathering sink (SCS) is the net carbon sink that affects the global carbon cycle over a period of millions of years or more. However, the magnitude, spatial pattern and evolution characteristics of global ...

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