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Risk factors for attacks by dogs on other dogs, cats

Dog attacks on other dogs or cats are traumatic events for pet owners—but what do we know about how commonly they occur, or how you might reduce the risk of your pet being involved?

Common household noises may be stressing your dog

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have found that people may not recognize that their dog is stressed when exposed to common household noises. While it's well established that sudden loud noises, such as ...

Talk-to-tilt: Head tilting in dogs

According to a new study, just published in Animal Cognition, some dogs, those that can learn the name of their toys, tilt their heads upon hearing their owners requesting a toy. The side of the tilt seems to be consistent ...

Forging healthy bonds with canine companions

Nationwide, there are far more dog owners today than before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many are novice dog owners, navigating care and training of their canine companions for the first time.

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