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A turtle time capsule: DNA found in ancient shell

Currently, only seven species of sea turtles exist. Among them are two in the genus Lepidochelys: the olive ridley and the Kemp's ridley. Despite being among the most common sea turtles in much of the Caribbean Sea and elsewhere, ...

Fossil footprint discoveries and what they tell us

Footprints on a sandy surface don't usually last long: they're washed away by water, wiped out by wind or covered over by new tracks. At certain sites in southern Africa, though, some traces of animals have lasted for many ...

Mammal bites dinosaur in 'once-in-a-lifetime' fossil find

A badger-like mammal was sinking its teeth into the ribs of a dinosaur three times its size when they were buried in volcanic ash 125 million years ago, capturing the pair in a deadly embrace.

Newly identified theropod dinosaur had strange hands

A team of archaeologists and paleontologists affiliated with several institutions in China, working with a colleague from Italy, has identified a new species of theropod dinosaur with strange hand features. In their paper ...

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