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Europe's largest land predator unearthed on the Isle of Wight

Research led by paleontologists at the University of Southampton has identified the remains of one of Europe's largest ever land-based hunters: a dinosaur that measured over 10m long and lived around 125 million years ago.

Dense bones allowed Spinosaurus to hunt underwater, study shows

Spinosaurus is the biggest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered—even bigger than T. rex—but the way it hunted has been a subject of debate for decades. It's hard to guess the behavior of an animal that we only know from ...

Studying the world's largest T. rex to learn about evolution

Scotty, the world's largest T. rex, has captured the public's attention since it was discovered in Saskatchewan in 1991. Now, researchers from the University of Regina (UofR) and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) are taking ...

New species of spinosaurid dinosaur discovered in Portugal

A pair of researchers affiliated with both the NOVA School of Science and Technology and Museu da Lourinhã, has found evidence that suggests a group of fossils found 23 years ago in Portugal are the remains of a new species ...

Sauropod dinosaurs were restricted to warmer regions of Earth

Giant, long-necked sauropods, thought to include the largest land animals ever to have existed, preferred to live in warmer, more tropical regions on Earth, suggesting they may have had a different physiology from other dinosaurs, ...

Duck-billed dinosaur may be one of many at Missouri site

Finding the fossils of a large duck-billed dinosaur in southern Missouri is exciting enough, but a paleontologist who helped lead the dig believes there are many more in the same area.

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