How will AI impact outdoor adventure education?

Educators working in the dynamic Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning (AEOL) field are trained to assess risks and respond. But are they ready for the fast-emerging impacts of AI?

No evidence linking Facebook adoption and negative well-being

The largest independent scientific study ever conducted, investigating the spread of Facebook across the globe found no evidence that the social media platform's worldwide penetration is linked to widespread psychological ...

Young people need more support coping with online sexual harm

Digital technologies and the internet have become a part of daily life for many young people in Canada and worldwide. While that increased connectivity brings many benefits, it can also open youth up to online harm and abuse. ...

Who's afraid of quantum computing?

The road to a quantum future may be longer and more winding than some expect, but the potential it holds is profound, writes UTS Associate Professor Chris Ferrie.

UN warns against 'excessive' tech use in classrooms

Heavy reliance on technology in education may be unproductive, or even detrimental, if it interferes with the acquisition of basic skills such as reading, the UN warned on Wednesday.

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