Rare sauropod dinosaur teeth uncovered in Australia

A team of researchers at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Natural History Museum The Jump-Up, working with colleagues from the University of New England and University College London, has uncovered sauropod teeth fossils at ...

Possible relics of lost WWII US bomber, crew found in Italy

An archaeological dig in Sicily has uncovered traces of a lost World War II American heavy bomber shot down in 1943, and possible human remains that could lead to identification of five airmen whose bodies were never recovered.

Peru archeologists find mummy up to 1,200 years old

Archeologists in Peru working on a site in the outskirts of the capital Lima have unearthed a mummy believed to be between 800 and 1,200 years old—and, surprisingly, bound with rope.

Evidence of ancient earthquake found in Jerusalem

A team of researchers with the Israel Antiquities Authority has found evidence of a strong earthquake occurring in the city of Jerusalem approximately 2,800 years ago. The group has posted their initial findings on their ...

Ancient carved snake found in Finland

A pair of researchers from the University of Turku and the University of Helsinki, respectively, both in Finland, has found a well-preserved ancient carved snake at Järvensuo 1, a dig site in south-west Finland. In their ...

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