Tempers fray over Russian block at climate talks

A key panel at UN climate talks in Bonn went into deep freeze on Tuesday as Russia ignored pleas to end a procedural protest, according to a webcast of the meeting and sources there.

Cracking the ice code

(Phys.org) —What happened the last time a vegetated Earth shifted from an extremely cold climate to desert-like conditions? And what does it tell us about climate change today?

Researcher unravels one of geology's great mysteries

Danish researcher has solved one of the great mysteries of our geological past: Why the Earth's surface was not one big lump of ice four billion years ago when sun radiation was much weaker than today. Scientists have presumed ...

Dead tigers to be frozen, studied

Thirty tigers have died in the country's various sanctuaries and reserves this year. With many of the deaths being suspect, the state has decided to take some action.

Spitzer Catches Star Cooking Up Comet Crystals (w/Animation)

(PhysOrg.com) -- Scientists have long wondered how tiny silicate crystals, which need sizzling high temperatures to form, have found their way into frozen comets, born in the deep freeze of the solar system's outer edges. ...

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