Do 'bouncing universes' have a beginning?

In trying to understand the nature of the cosmos, some theorists propose that the universe expands and contracts in endless cycles.

Microbes emit nitrogen oxides—perhaps more than you think

Microbes emit nitrogen oxides, or NOx. This is important because it involves surface-earth nitrogen (N) cycle, which strongly interacts with environmental quality, food production, biosphere and climate changes. A study led ...

A quantitative snapshot of the human impact on the planet

If you are in a major city anywhere in the world, it is probably quite easy to grab a cheap hamburger from a nearby fast-food restaurant. But what you may not realize is that the meat in that cheap burger can actually illustrate ...

France and parts of England see driest July on record

France and parts of England saw their driest July on record, the countries' weather agencies said on Monday, exacerbating stretched water resources that have forced restrictions on both sides of the Channel.

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