How could climate change alter our diets?

As climate change alters rainfall and temperatures, and provokes heat waves and droughts, the quality and quantity of crops suffer. Such changes to yields could significantly jeopardize food security for the world's growing ...

Vanilla cultivation on fallow land promotes biodiversity

How can biodiversity be preserved while securing the economic livelihood of smallholder farmers growing vanilla in Madagascar? There is a way, according to a study by the Universities of Göttingen, Marburg and Hohenheim. ...

Hotter, drier, CRISPR: Editing for climate change

Gene editing technology will play a vital role in climate-proofing future crops to protect global food supplies, according to scientists at The University of Queensland.

Cataloguing genetic information about yams

Yams are a staple food in West Africa, which produces over 90% of the world's yams each year. Yams play a key role in the food security, economic income, and traditional culture for the region.

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