Vietnam's Ha Long Bay losing its hue

Vietnam's Ha Long Bay is losing its famous turquoise hue as pollution and over-development threaten its wildlife and picture-perfect image.

Research illuminates path to Guam kingfisher revival

A recently published paper in Animal Conservation provides crucial insights into the health of sihek, also known as the Guam kingfisher, a species eradicated from its native habitat and that may now face threats in captivity. ...

Killing still remains a threat to Bornean orangutans

University of Queensland research has found despite considerable conservation efforts, the illegal killing of critically endangered orangutans on Borneo may be an ongoing threat to the species.

Using a scent-detecting dog to find sea turtle eggs

A trio of conservationists from Disney's Animals, Science and Environment, the Canine Academy Inc. and Pepedogs, Inwater Research Group, Inc. has found that a terrier named Dory is better at finding sea turtle eggs in nests ...

Bangladesh bans plastics in world's largest mangrove forest

Conservationists in Bangladesh said Tuesday that tourists dropping rubbish in the world's largest mangrove forest had seriously damaged the ecosystem, forcing the imposition of a single-use plastic ban in the World Heritage ...

Endangered Mediterranean monk seals aided by unique intervention

Conservationists are celebrating exciting new footage that reveals an endangered Mediterranean monk seal making use of an artificial breeding ledge they have created to aid in the species' recovery. The footage, which shows ...

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Conservationists are proponents or advocates of conservation. They advocate for the protection of all the species in an ecosystem with a strong focus on the natural environment. Conservation is a part of the wider environmental movement and promotes humankind's sustainable use of resources and environmental stewardship.

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