New venom discovery from deadly cone snails

University of Queensland researchers have reared deadly cone snails in a laboratory aquarium for the first time, uncovering a potential treasure trove of new venoms for drug development. The findings are published in the ...

New potentially painkilling compound found in deep-water cone snails

Scientists already know that the venom of cone snails, which prowl the ocean floor for a fish dinner, contains compounds that can be adapted as pharmaceuticals to treat chronic pain, diabetes and other human maladies. But ...

Acid trip makes clumsy cone snails miss their prey

Deadly cone snails are too clumsy to catch their prey when exposed to the levels of ocean acidification expected under predicted climate change, according to new research published in Biology Letters.

Long-glanded blue coral snake has unique venom

One of the world's most beautiful and venomous snakes has a venom unlike that of any other snake, research involving University of Queensland scientists has revealed.

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