Wind-whipped Hawaii wildfire razes town, deaths feared

Wildfires whipped by hurricane winds tore through a Hawaiian town Wednesday, razing homes and forcing residents to jump into the ocean, with officials saying they feared people had died in the fast-moving flames.

Hawaii wildfires force evacuations, water rescues

Wildfires whipped by hurricane winds triggered evacuations in parts of Hawaii early Wednesday with some residents forced into the ocean to escape the smoke and flames, officials said.

Heat wave and wildfires scorch east Canada

Eastern Canada sweltered under a record-breaking heat wave on Thursday that risked inflaming wildfires ravaging the Atlantic coast and other parts of the country with "unprecedented" ferocity and scale.

Fishing banned as Philippine oil spill spreads

Thousands of fishermen in the Philippines have been ordered to stay ashore as authorities struggled Friday to contain an oil spill from a sunken tanker that is threatening the region's rich marine life and economy.

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