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Germany tweaks law to limit diesel car bans

The German government will ease air pollution law so as to spare cities that only slightly exceed limits on harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from diesel vehicle bans, ministers agreed Thursday, sparking sharp criticsm by environmentalists.

dateNov 15, 2018 in Automotive
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Scores protest against new Amazon HQ in Queens, NY

Around 100 people on Wednesday protested against Amazon's impending arrival in New York's borough of Queens, condemning $3 billion in tax breaks and incentives, and worried ordinary families will be pushed out by gentrification.

dateNov 14, 2018 in Business
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Queens neighborhood wary of Amazon coming to town

New York's Long Island City, where Amazon is tipped to set up a new home, is a neighborhood in flux—a construction site of warehouses and skyscrapers where some fear the online retail giant will only make everything worse.

dateNov 11, 2018 in Business
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