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City dwellers travel more but pollute less

Statistics show that urbanites travel thousands of miles during their leisure time. Is it an urgent need for greenery? Should cities be less densely populated? Not so fast: an EPFL thesis disproves the theory of the 'barbecue ...

dateDec 07, 2015 in Environment
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Berlin start-up pioneers fish-farm veggie garden

The ancient Aztecs and Chinese did it millenia ago, and now a Berlin start-up hopes it will feed 21st-century city dwellers using aquaponics, a combination of rearing fish and growing vegetables.

dateMay 18, 2014 in Other
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Citizens 'can help save our wildlife'

Farmers and city people can play a key role in saving Australia's native animals and plants by small changes to the way they manage their paddocks and backyards.

dateJul 31, 2013 in Ecology
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