Climate change is affecting drinking water quality

Heat waves, drought, floods, forest fires—the consequences of climate change are increasing and are changing our environment. A prime example is the countryside in the catchment area for the Rappbode reservoir in the eastern ...

How Western Cape farmers are being hit by the drought

Much has been written about the ongoing drought and critical water shortages in the city of Cape Town. Residents are bracing themselves for Day Zero – the moment at which most of the city's domestic taps will run dry.

River sediments, a dynamic reserve of pollutants

The UPV/EHU's Hydrology and Environment Research Group has located the stretches in the River Deba and its tributaries posing the greatest potential hazard owing to their high metal content, has identified the sources of ...

Community justice court associated with lower rearrest rates

The opening of a community court in a high-crime area of San Francisco was associated with a lower chance that offenders would be arrested for another crime within a year, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

Troubled Danube's waters, not up to standards yet

The water quality of the Danube river has improved since measures to reduce pollution have been implemented in1995, but there are areas where the toxic waste loads are still high.

Removing some cloud seeds of doubt

A team of researchers at Monash University has released a new analysis of precipitation records from the long-term cloud seeding operation in Tasmania that shows a promising increase in rainfall during periods of seeding.

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