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A lasting impact: Microplastics settling into soil

Whether we like it or not, plastic is a major part of our lives. The production and use of plastics has been found to create a problem because "microplastics" are accumulating in our soils.

Resistance genes mapped for drugs to treat parasitic worms

Drug resistance in parasitic worms poses a serious threat to global efforts to limit the significant health and economic impacts they have on people, pets and livestock. Researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, the University ...

New research shows how octopuses may have evolved

A new paper in Genome Biology and Evolution indicates that a type of octopus appears to have evolved independently to develop something resembling a shell, despite having lost the genetic code that produced actual shells ...

TanSat's first attempt to detect human-caused CO2 is successful

An international research team has analyzed measurements from the TanSat mission and the Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor mission to identify carbon dioxide from human activities. This is the first attempt to use TanSat measurements ...

Lights, hurricane, action: Preparing for and enduring big storms

Hurricane damages cost an average of $20.5 billion per event in the United States. Their effects are widespread and often chronic, with loss of infrastructure, communities, and lives. The aftershocks ripple out farther still—pressure ...

Butterfly wing patterns emerge from ancient "junk" DNA

Butterfly wing patterns have a basic plan to them, which is manipulated by non-coding regulatory DNA to create the diversity of wings seen in different species, according to new research.

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