Novel framework for classifying chaos and thermalization

One popular example of chaotic behavior is the butterfly effect—a butterfly may flap its wings in somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and cause a tornado in Colorado. This remarkable fable illustrates how the extreme sensitivity ...

New non-destructive DNA method opens opportunities

A new method of obtaining ancient genomic data without damaging source material has been developed by University of Otago researchers, creating new opportunities for museum and archaeological collections worldwide.

Making physics instruction more equitable

More equitable approaches to physics instruction are necessary, because the field has recognized many ways in which traditional approaches to instruction are inadequate for students of color or women. Part of this issue stems ...

Space weather model could determine exoplanetary habitable zones

A refinement to a space weather model developed by a center director at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) could help scientists check out which planets outside our solar system are likely to have someone home.

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