Global study: Wild megafauna shape ecosystem properties

For millions of years, a variety of large herbivores, or megafauna, influenced terrestrial ecosystems. Among many others, these included elephants in Europe, giant wombats in Australia, and ground sloths in South America. ...

The long journey of a child who died more than 2,000 years ago

In 2020, the pandemic disrupted everyone's lives, isolated people from each other and ushering in a new reality for all. At universities, activities shifted into low gear and moved online. And in Université de Montréal's ...

Disinformation may reinforce polarization in society

With over 4 billion people eligible to vote in elections, 2024 is the largest election year ever. At the same time, disinformation and polarization on social media pose unprecedented challenges to the democratic process.

New research challenges hunter-gatherer narrative

The oft-used description of early humans as "hunter-gatherers" should be changed to "gatherer-hunters," at least in the Andes of South America, according to groundbreaking research led by a University of Wyoming archaeologist.

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