Dutch unveil 4,000-year-old 'Stonehenge'-like discovery

Dutch archaeologists on Wednesday revealed an around 4,000-year-old religious site—dubbed the "Stonehenge of the Netherlands" in the country's media—which included a burial mound serving as a solar calendar.

World's oldest-known burial site found in S.Africa: scientists

Paleontologists in South Africa said Monday they have found the oldest known burial site in the world, containing remains of a small-brained distant relative of humans previously thought incapable of complex behavior.

Evidence of drug use during Bronze Age ceremonies

An analysis of strands of human hair from a burial site in Menorca, Spain, indicates that ancient human civilizations used hallucinogenic drugs derived from plants, reports a new paper published in Scientific Reports. These ...

Roman era gravesites with unusual funerary rites

A team of archaeologists from KU Leuven and the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences, both in Belgium, reports unusual funerary practices by early Roman Empire–era people living in what is now a southwest part of ...

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