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Four most polluted national park sites are in California

A couple years ago, as part of the Sierra Club's Outdoors for All campaign, Roberto Morales took a group of low-income Los Angeles area residents north to Sequoia National Park to help with a forest restoration project.

NASA picks Lockheed Martin to develop nuclear rocket

NASA and the US military said Wednesday they had selected defense contractor Lockheed Martin to develop a nuclear powered rocket, with a view to using the technology for missions to Mars.

All concrete, no trees: Athens ill-prepared for heatwaves

A densely-populated concrete jungle lacking in green space, Athens has become one of Europe's hottest capitals and despite its vulnerability to extreme temperatures, has failed to make environmental innovations, experts warn.

Russia ready to 'fight' for space tourism supremacy

After a decade-long hiatus, Russia is relaunching an ambitious bid for dominion over the world's budding space tourism industry, jostling with zealous billionaires, the United States, and rising China.

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