Act of altruism observed in bull elephant seal

A trio of ecologists has observed for the first time, an act of altruism performed by a bull elephant seal. In their paper published in the journal Marine Mammal Science, Sarah Allen, Matthew Lau, and Sarah Codde offer photographic ...

Study finds small, long-nosed dogs live the longest

Small, long-nosed (or dolichocephalic) dog breeds such as Whippets have the highest life expectancies in the UK, while male dogs from medium-sized flat-faced (or brachycephalic) breeds such as English Bulldogs have the lowest. ...

Unveiling the reproductive secrets of red-swamp crayfish

Procambarus clarkii is a crustacean species native to American freshwater bodies. Brought to Japan in the 1920s as a feed for frogs, this crustacean has slowly taken over the Japanese freshwaters by predation and propagation. ...

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Breeding is the reproduction, that is, producing of offspring, usually animals or plants:

Breeding may also refer to:

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