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Spotlight on Space Station science

hough all ESA astronauts are back on Earth, European science on the International Space Station is ongoing. Explore a few experiments underway right now in celebration of science at ESA.

dateFeb 04, 2019 in Space Exploration
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Measuring stress around cells

Tissues and organs in the human body are shaped through forces generated by cells, that push and pull, to "sculpt" biological structures. Thanks to a new tool developed at McGill University, scientists will now be able to ...

dateJan 30, 2019 in Cell & Microbiology
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Let's talk about the elephant that wasn't in the room

Encounters with elephants are always memorable. My first meeting with a bull African elephant – face to face across a disconcertingly small and shallow waterhole during a walking safari in Zimbabwe – left me shaking so ...

dateJan 29, 2019 in Ecology
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