How the humble limpet helped humans develop, survive and thrive

The humble limpet generally doesn't attract much attention. Most of us remember them from childhood as tenacious little creatures clinging to rocks, impossible to prise off. But this familiar, cone-shaped animal has played ...

Georadar reveals 15 burial mounds and 32 Viking Age mysteries

November 2019 found Arne Anderson Stamnes, an archaeologist at the NTNU University Museum, methodically wending his way back and forth across the fields just east of the campsite in Bodø municipality. Behind the four-wheeler ...

Finding 1154 holes in the ground... and a riddle

You can say all kinds of things about cooking pits, but sensational they're not. They're more what experts in the field might call an everyday archaeological discovery, if such a thing exists.

Alpine archaeology reveals high life through the ages

An international team of archaeologists led by experts from the University of York has uncovered evidence of human activity in the high slopes of the French Alps dating back over 8000 years.

Archaeologists unearth Tuscaloosa's early history

( —University of Alabama archaeologists are getting a glimpse of what life in Tuscaloosa might have been like more than 180 years ago. From bottles and porcelain pieces to soil and flotation samples taken from ...

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