Climate change leading to water shortage in Andes, Himalayas

Climate change could have devastating effects on vulnerable residents in the Andes mountains and the Tibetan plateau, according to researchers at The Ohio State University who have been studying glaciers in those areas for ...

Tracing the history of farming in the Amazon

A geographer from Northumbria University, Newcastle is leading on a £340,000 research project to examine how ancient civilisations in one of the most remote and inhospitable areas of the Amazon farmed their land.

Snow in the Andes as clean as Canadian Arctic: study

Snow covering the Andes mountains is as clean as the Canadian Arctic, scientists said Friday after hundreds of tests to determine the presence of black carbon deposits or other pollutants.

The origin of the Andes unravelled

Why do the Andes exist? Why is it not a place of lowlands or narrow seas? Wouter Schellart, a geophysicist at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has been pondering these questions for more than a decade. Now, he has found ...

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