Power cuts and sleepless nights in China's record heatwave

The lights are out along a once-bustling boulevard in a tourist spot at the epicenter of China's hottest summer on record, as people take refuge indoors from the searing heat engulfing the country's southwest.

Music-making and the flow of aerosols

The latest research from the labs of Penn scientists Paulo Arratia and Douglas Jerolmack was an answer to "a call for help," says Arratia.

Research shows superior COVID protection from better face masks

New research from the University of Surrey and the University of Bristol has shown that FFP2 (filtering facepiece) respirator masks are five times more efficient at filtering particles that carry the COVID-19 virus than cloth ...

Butterfly effect can double travel of virus-laden droplets

Computer simulations have been used with great success in recent months to visualize the spread of the COVID-19 virus in a variety of situations. In Physics of Fluids, researchers explain how turbulence in the air can create ...

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