Wildfire smoke exposure hurts learning outcomes

When wildfire smoke pollutes the air in schoolyards and classrooms, as it does with increasing frequency and severity across the country, it hurts not only children's health but also their ability to learn and possibly their ...

China logs hottest August since records began

China has logged its hottest August since records began, state media reported Tuesday, following an unusually intense summer heat wave that parched rivers, scorched crops and triggered isolated blackouts.

Californians asked to conserve power amid brutal heat wave

Californians sweltering in the West's lengthening heat wave were asked to reduce air conditioning and cut other electricity use again during critical hours Friday and again Saturday to prevent stress on the state's electrical ...

Power cuts and sleepless nights in China's record heatwave

The lights are out along a once-bustling boulevard in a tourist spot at the epicenter of China's hottest summer on record, as people take refuge indoors from the searing heat engulfing the country's southwest.

Chinese city dims lights in heatwave power crunch

A provincial capital in southwest China has dimmed outdoor advertisements, subway lighting and building signs to save energy, official announcements said, as the area battles a power crunch triggered by record-high temperatures.

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