Stung by drought, Morocco's bees face disaster

Morocco's village of Inzerki is proud to claim it has the world's oldest and largest collective beehive, but instead of buzzing with springtime activity, the colonies have collapsed amid crippling drought.

How would a nuclear winter impact food production?

The day after lead author Daniel Winstead approved the final proofs for a study to be published in Ambio, the journal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Russia put its nuclear forces on high alert.

Ukraine war rattles EU green farming plan

Scientists are urging Europe not to delay the transition to greener agriculture in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which threatens global wheat supplies and raises fears over food shortages.

Women sidelined in agri-tech revolution

The exclusion of women in the digital world is hurting agricultural productivity in low- and middle- income countries, according to global technology experts.

Climate change brings extreme, early impact to South America

Scientists have long been warning that extreme weather would cause calamity in the future. But in South America—which in just the last month has had deadly landslides in Brazil, wildfire in Argentine wetlands and flooding ...

Virtual tours make pig farming more transparent

Many people would like to see better animal welfare and transparency in livestock farming. In recent years, agriculture has increasingly tried to be more open, for example by offering farm tours. Even though farm tours are ...

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