How young people are mapping viable futures

Young people globally are facing unprecedented social, economic, political and environmental challenges related to the restructuring of work, poor access to key welfare services, the decline of democratic practices and the ...

Proper titles for support animals

A study led by La Trobe University has proposed meaningful and consistent job titles for animals the world over who provide support for people.

Why locking in subscribers can hurt businesses in the long run

Promotional offers for newspapers, gym memberships, internet and phone services, and other subscription-based businesses sometimes come with a catch: after a honeymoon period of reduced pricing, the business renews the membership ...

Villages battle wildfires in Portugal; Europe swelters

More than 3,000 firefighters battled Thursday alongside ordinary Portuguese citizens desperate to save their homes from several wildfires that raged across the European country, fanned by extreme temperatures and drought ...

Virgin Galactic taps Boeing subsidiary to build motherships

Virgin Galactic announced Wednesday that it is partnering with a Boeing subsidiary to manufacture the next generation of the twin-fuselage aircraft used to carry aloft the space tourism company's rocket ship.

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