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Ingredients for DNA and Protein Found Around Star

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered some of life's most basic ingredients in the dust swirling around a young star. The ingredients - gaseous precursors to DNA and protein - were detected in the star's terrestrial ...

dateDec 21, 2005 in
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Spooky Astronomy: Halloween is a big night for astronomers

According to the National Retail Foundation, the most popular Halloween costume last year was Spiderman. Next was "a princess," followed by witches and vampires, SpongeBob, Barbie and Harry Potter. Sounds about right. But ...

dateOct 28, 2005 in
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No winner in 'space elevator' competition

It sounds like science fiction, but a competition was held during the weekend for the design of a "space elevator." A three-day competition at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., ended Sunday, but with ...

dateOct 24, 2005 in
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Scientists Propose Paradigm Shift In Robotic Space Exploration

Just ask any geologist. If you're studying the history of a planet and the life forms that may have lived on it, the really good places to look are rugged terrains like canyons and other areas where water, igneous activity, ...

dateOct 18, 2005 in
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More extreme weather is predicted

Purdue University scientists say extreme weather events, such as floods and heat waves, may increase in frequency and severity during the next century.

dateOct 17, 2005 in
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Black Holes Aren't So Black

Common wisdom holds that we can never see a black hole because nothing can escape it - not even light. Fortunately, black holes aren't completely black. As gas is pulled into a black hole by its strong gravitational force, ...

dateOct 03, 2005 in
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