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Materials Science Nov 01, 2017

Jellyfish-inspired electronic skin glows when it gets hurt

Electronic-skin technologies for prosthetics and robots can detect the slightest touch or breeze. But oddly, the sensors that make this possible do not respond effectively to a harmful blow. Now researchers report in ACS ...

Nanomaterials Dec 10, 2014

New 'electronic skin' for prosthetics, robotics detects pressure from different directions

Touch can be a subtle sense, but it communicates quickly whether something in our hands is slipping, for example, so we can tighten our grip. For the first time, scientists report the development of a stretchable "electronic ...

Robotics Jun 01, 2018

Researchers develop electronic skins that wirelessly activate fully soft robots

A research team of Seoul National University has developed a skin-like electronic system that is soft, thin, lightweight and can wirelessly activate soft robots through a simple lamination process.

Engineering Mar 27, 2012

New 'electronic skin' patches monitor health wirelessly

Like the colorful temporary tattoos that children stick to their arms for fun, people may one day put thin "electronic skin" patches onto their arms to wirelessly diagnose health problems or deliver treatments. A scientist ...

Engineering May 30, 2014

Scientists developing electronic skin

Once a topic explored exclusively in science fiction, the notion of restoring sensory feelings to humans and to machines is now approaching reality. Scientists around the world are developing artificial organs such as bionic ...

Engineering Nov 19, 2015

Self-healing sensor brings 'electronic skin' closer to reality

Flexible sensors have been developed for use in consumer electronics, robotics, health care, and space flight. Future possible applications could include the creation of 'electronic skin' and prosthetic limbs that allow wearers ...

Engineering Jul 09, 2019

How electronic skinĀ could help people with disabilities

You might not know what they're called, but you probably use them quite a lot. Virtual buttons, also called soft keys, are on smartphones, ATMs and computer monitors, doing the work of buttons though they are just an image.

Engineering Sep 13, 2010

New high-sensitivity electronic skin can feel a butterfly's footsteps

Stanford researchers have developed an ultrasensitive, highly flexible, electronic sensor that can feel a touch as light as an alighting fly. Manufactured in large sheets, the sensors could be used in artificial electronic ...

Hi Tech & Innovation Sep 30, 2010

Nokia research lab working on nanowire sensing, stretchable electronic skin

Getting into a Nokia Research Center laboratory isn't easy. The security doors remain open long enough for one or two people to enter and if held open too long, will sound what we're told is an exceptionally loud alarm. Lucky ...

Hi Tech & Innovation Apr 08, 2014

Wearable electronic skin delivers drugs and stores data

Average life expectancy has nearly doubled since 1800, thanks to progress in medicine. Most of that was made by developing drugs and improving public health services. The medical revolution of the 21st century is going to ...

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