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Space Exploration Jul 11, 2019

For climbing robots, the sky's the limit

Robots can drive on the plains and craters ofMars, but what if we could explore cliffs, polar caps and other hard-to-reach places on the Red Planet and beyond? Designed by engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in ...

Space Exploration Jul 04, 2019

Flying on Saturn's moon Titan: What we could discover with NASA's new Dragonfly mission

Flying on other worlds is the next leap in the exploration of our solar system. The Mars Helicopter will piggyback on the NASA Mars 2020 rover mission to demonstrate the technology. But this is only the start. The real prize ...

Astronomy Jun 28, 2019

Gaia's asteroid discoveries

Animated view of more than 14 000 asteroids in our Solar System from the catalogue in the second data release of ESA's Gaia satellite, published in 2018.

Environment Jul 08, 2019

Snow algae thrive in high-elevation ice spires, an unlikely oasis for life

High in the Andes Mountains, dagger-shaped ice spires house thriving microbial communities, offering an oasis for life in one of Earth's harshest environments as well as a possible analogue for life on other planets.

Space Exploration Jul 04, 2019

Asteroid Vesta originates from a cosmic 'hit-and-run' collision

The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter preserves the processes of planetary formation, frozen in time. Vesta, the second largest asteroid in this belt, provides an outstanding opportunity for scientists to investigate ...

Space Exploration Jul 03, 2019

Scientists scramble to build payload for 2021 moon landing

Scavenging spare parts and grabbing off-the-shelf hardware, University of California, Berkeley, space scientists are in a sprint to build scientific instruments that will land on the moon in a mere two years.

Astronomy Jul 01, 2019

'Oumuamua is not an alien spacecraft: study

On October 19, 2017, astronomers discovered the first known interstellar object to visit our solar system. First spotted by the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System 1 (PanSTARRS1) telescope located at the ...

Space Exploration Jun 27, 2019

Maps and images at the start of the space race opened the door for lunar and planetary exploration

The maps and images created by a small UA team at the start of the space race opened the door for lunar and planetary exploration 50 years ago.

Space Exploration Jun 26, 2019

NASA opening moon rock samples sealed since Apollo missions (Update)

Inside a locked vault at Johnson Space Center is treasure few have seen and fewer have touched.

Astronomy Jun 12, 2019

Gemini Planet Imager analyzes 300 stars

Over the past four years, an instrument attached to a telescope in the Chilean Andes—known as the Gemini Planet Imager—has set its gaze on 531 stars in search of new planets. The team, led by Stanford University, is now ...

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