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Bio & Medicine Dec 21, 2017

Fluorescent nanomedicine can guide tumor removal, kill remaining cancer cells

Oregon State University scientists have developed a nanomedicine platform for cancer that can help doctors know which tissue to cut out as well as kill any malignant cells that can't be surgically removed.

Bio & Medicine Mar 30, 2017

Team creates triple-threat cancer-fighting polymer capsules for guided drug delivery

Chemists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have designed triple-threat cancer-fighting polymer capsules that bring the promise of guided drug delivery closer to preclinical testing.

Bio & Medicine Jun 20, 2016

New nanoparticle technology developed to treat aggressive thyroid cancer

Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC), the most aggressive form of thyroid cancer, has a mortality rate of nearly 100 percent and a median survival time of three to five months. One promising strategy for the treatment of these ...

Biochemistry Mar 25, 2012

Some scum! Microbe in pond scum enlisted in new cancer test

Scientists are enlisting the living, self-propelled microbes found in pond scum -- the pea-green surface slicks that form on ponds -- in the development of a long-awaited new test to detect the cells that spread cancer through ...

Bio & Medicine Mar 01, 2011

Double strike to fight cancer

( -- Diagnosis and treatment form the basis of modern medicine. Traditionally, they are two separate steps; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. The term “theranostic” refers to the combination ...

Bio & Medicine Aug 19, 2019

Graphene nanoflakes: A new tool for precision medicine

Chemists funded by the SNSF have created a new compound for flexible drug delivery that specifically targets prostate cancer cells. Incorporating four different molecules, the compound prevents tumor cells from multiplying, ...

Bio & Medicine Jun 13, 2017

Nanoparticle aggregates for destruction of cancer cells

An international team in which a UPM researcher is involved has shown that it is possible to mechanically destroy cancer cells by rotating magnetic nanoparticles attached to them in elongated aggregates.

Bio & Medicine Sep 21, 2016

The pursuit of microscopic drugs that can be tracked as they fight cancer

Microscopic drug molecules could soon be sent into the body to fight disease and their journey tracked using photo-acoustic imaging, after researchers developed a smart material that can locate and image cancer sites inside ...

Biochemistry Jun 15, 2018

Researchers develop molecular assembly method for cancer therapy and diagnostics

Biophysicists have developed a method for modifying the surface of micro- and nanoparticles—tiny structures measuring between a thousandth and a millionth of a millimeter —by covering them with biological molecules. Engineered ...

General Physics Aug 21, 2019

The challenge: Make and purify a medical isotope that must be used the same day

Two radioactive isotopes of the metallic element scandium, or Sc, appear to be ideal for visualizing, and then destroying, solid tumors. A barrier, however, blocks their use—the inability to rapidly produce and purify the ...

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