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Astronomy Feb 05, 2021

Student astronomer finds missing galactic matter

Astronomers have for the first time used distant galaxies as 'scintillating pins' to locate and identify a piece of the Milky Way's missing matter.

Astronomy Feb 05, 2021

SPIRou carries out first ever measurement of a very young exoplanet's density

A research team led by scientists from IRAP (CNRS/CNES/Université Toulouse III—Paul Sabatier) and IPAG (CNRS/UGA) has for the first time measured the internal density of a very young exoplanet orbiting a newly formed, ...

Earth Sciences Feb 04, 2021

Why is the Earth blue?

Seen from space, the Earth is blue. The Earth has been blue for over 4 billion years because of the liquid water on its surface. How has the Earth managed to sustain liquid water on its surface for such a long time?

Astronomy Feb 03, 2021

Evidence for substance at liquid-gas boundary on exoplanet WASP-31b

One of the properties that make a planet suitable for life is the presence of a weather system. Exoplanets are too far away to directly observe this, but astronomers can search for substances in the atmosphere that make a ...

Astronomy Feb 01, 2021

Astronomers measure enormous planet lurking far from its star

Scientists aren't usually able to measure the size of gigantic planets like Jupiter or Saturn that are far from the stars they orbit. But a UC Riverside-led team has done it.

Environment Jan 27, 2021

Biden aims for most ambitious US effort on climate change

President Joe Biden on Wednesday was undertaking the most ambitious effort ever to cut America's oil, gas and coal emissions and stave off the worst effects of climate change. New executive orders target federal subsidies ...

Astronomy Jan 25, 2021

Puzzling six-exoplanet system with rhythmic movement challenges theories of how planets form

Using a combination of telescopes, including the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO's VLT), astronomers have revealed a system consisting of six exoplanets, five of which are locked in a rare rhythm ...

Astronomy Jan 22, 2021

Astronomers discover first cloudless, Jupiter-like planet

Astronomers at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian have detected the first Jupiter-like planet without clouds or haze in its observable atmosphere. The findings were published this month in the Astrophysical ...

Astronomy Jan 21, 2021

Much of Earth's nitrogen was locally sourced

Where did Earth's nitrogen come from? Rice University scientists show one primordial source of the indispensable building block for life was close to home.

Astronomy Jan 20, 2021

Saturn's tilt caused by its moons

Two scientists from CNRS and Sorbonne University working at the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation (Paris Observatory—PSL/CNRS) have just shown that the influence of Saturn's satellites can explain ...

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