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Plants & Animals Jan 11, 2023

Are stingrays actually dangerous? Three reasons you shouldn't fear these sea pancakes

To beat the summer heat, many of us in the Southern Hemisphere are hitting the beach—and this raises our chances of encountering potentially dangerous marine life beneath the waves.

Plants & Animals Jan 4, 2023

Hard to bear: UK's only panda pair to return to China

It was supposed to be a match made in heaven that would produce a cub but after years of trying, Edinburgh Zoo said on Wednesday it is now sending its breeding pair of giant pandas back to China.

Plants & Animals Dec 23, 2022

Male panda at Dutch zoo turns out to be female

A two-year-old giant panda at a Dutch zoo has caused a stir by turning out to be a female and not a male as initially thought.

Plants & Animals Dec 22, 2022

Five amazing plants and the endangered animals that depend on them

If you've found yourself here because you googled 'why are plants important?', we hope you've blocked out the entire morning.

Ecology Dec 6, 2022

Weasels, not pandas, should be the poster animal for biodiversity loss, says ecologist

At the United Nations biodiversity conference that opens in Montreal on Dec. 7, 2022, nations aim to create a new global framework for transforming humanity's relationship with nature. The conference logo features a human ...

Ecology Dec 5, 2022

Protecting 30% of Earth's surface for nature means thinking about connections near and far

A biodiversity crisis is reducing the variety of life on Earth. Under pressure from land and water pollution, development, overhunting, poaching, climate change and species invasions, approximately 1 million plant and animal ...

Ecology Dec 2, 2022

Clonal integration research enlightens bamboo forest management for giant panda habitats

Bashania fargesii bamboo is an important dominant understory species influencing community structure and regeneration of overstory trees, and it serves as an important food source for giant panda in the Qinling Mountains. ...

Environment Nov 29, 2022

Most Asian countries are far behind biodiversity targets for protected areas, finds study of 40 countries

Protected areas are one of the most effective tools for safeguarding biodiversity, but new research published today has found that most Asian countries failed to achieve a global minimum target of protecting at least 17% ...

Plants & Animals Nov 20, 2022

Symbol of reunion with China, panda Tuan Tuan dies in Taipei

Tuan Tuan, one of two giant pandas gifted to Taiwan from China, died Saturday after a brief illness, the Taipei Zoo said.

General Physics Nov 14, 2022

Recent searches for light fermionic dark matter by the PandaX-4T collaboration

Teams of astrophysicists worldwide are trying to observe different possible types of dark matter (DM), hypothetical matter in the universe that does not emit, absorb or reflect light and would thus be very difficult to detect. ...

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