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Environment Jun 15, 2021

Small streams in agricultural ecosystems are heavily polluted with pesticides

Pesticides safeguard agricultural yields by controlling harmful insects, fungi, and weeds. However, they also enter neighboring streams and damage the aquatic communities, which are crucial for maintaining biodiversity, are ...

Plants & Animals Jun 15, 2021

Snails carrying the world's smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery

More than 50 species of tree snail in the South Pacific Society Islands were wiped out following the introduction of an alien predatory snail in the 1970s, but the white-shelled Partula hyalina survived.

Environment Jun 09, 2021

Protecting temperate old-growth rainforest is key for a sustainable future

On the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, red and yellow cedar trees over 1,000 years old are being cut down for lumber. The logging company, Teal-Jones, has a provincially granted tree farm license that gives ...

Environment Jun 08, 2021

Mapping a successful recovery: Novel methods and dedicated fieldwork offer good news for cleaning up mining pollution

Mining involves moving a lot of rock, so some mess is expected. However, mining operations can continue to affect ecosystems long after activity has ended. Heavy metals and corrosive substances leach into the environment, ...

Plants & Animals Jun 04, 2021

Reckoning with an animal that sees us as prey—living and working in crocodile country

The wet season in tropical Australia begins with tension. Physical tension, caused by the friction of earth and clouds. Mental tension, caused by the heat, and the expectation of rain and relief. It is also an ecological ...

Ecology Jun 03, 2021

Scientists discover function of microbes living in oysters

Scientists from the University of Rhode Island have taken the first steps toward understanding the function of microbes that live on and in Eastern oysters, which may have implications for oyster health and the management ...

Plants & Animals Jun 02, 2021

Hundreds of Australian lizard species, barely known to science, may face extinction

Most of the incredible diversity of life on Earth is yet to be discovered and documented. In some groups of organisms—terrestrial arthropods such as spiders and scorpions, marine invertebrates such as sponges and molluscs, ...

Evolution Jun 01, 2021

Taking a bite out of tooth evolution: Frogs have lost teeth more than 20 times

Scientists have long known that frogs are oddballs when it comes to teeth. Some have tiny teeth on their upper jaws and the roof of their mouths while others sport fanglike structures. Some species are completely toothless. ...

Plants & Animals May 31, 2021

Browning could make lakes less productive, affecting food webs and fish

As more dissolved organic matter enters lakes across the northeast United States, darkening the lakes in a phenomena called "browning," new research shows that these waters may be growing less productive and able to sustain ...

Environment May 28, 2021

Plastic in Galapagos seawater, beaches and animals

Plastic pollution has been found in seawater, on beaches and inside marine animals at the Galapagos Islands.

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