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Space Exploration Oct 18, 2016

New Horizons: Possible clouds on Pluto, next target is reddish

The next target for NASA's New Horizons mission – which made a historic flight past Pluto in July 2015 –– apparently bears a colorful resemblance to its famous, main destination.

Space Exploration Oct 12, 2016

New dwarf planet found in our solar system

(—A team of space scientists at the University of Michigan has discovered a dwarf planet that is approximately half the size of Pluto and twice as far from the sun. The sighting was reported by NPR, which interviewed ...

Space Exploration Jul 12, 2016

Astronomers discover new distant dwarf planet beyond Neptune

An international team of astronomers have discovered a new dwarf planet orbiting in the disk of small icy worlds beyond Neptune. The new object is roughly 700 kilometers in size and has one of the largest orbits for a dwarf ...

Space Exploration May 16, 2016

Dwarf planet Haumea's lunar system smaller than anticipated

Haumea, a dwarf planet on the edge of our solar system doesn't have the same kind of moons as its well-known cousin Pluto according to a new study. This is despite original evidence that suggested they both formed in similar ...

Astronomy May 10, 2016

Will Earth survive when the sun becomes a red giant?

Since the beginning of human history, people have understood that the sun is a central part of life as we know it. It's importance to countless mythological and cosmological systems across the globe is a testament to this. ...

Space Exploration Apr 25, 2016

How do we know there's a Planet 9?

At this point, I think the astronomy textbook publishers should just give up. They'd like to tell you how many planets there are in the solar system, they really would. But astronomers just can't stop discovering new worlds, ...

Space Exploration Feb 10, 2016

Vesta rules the February dusk skies

Missing out on the morning planetary action?

Space Exploration Feb 04, 2016

The long hunt for new objects in our expanding solar system

Recognise these planet names: Vulcan, Neptune, Pluto, Nemesis, Tyche and Planet X? They all have one thing in common: their existence was predicted to account for unexplained phenomena in our solar system.

Space Exploration Jan 25, 2016

Claims about new planets that turned out to be wrong—and why 'Planet Nine' may be different

There's a real buzz among planetary scientists after a new study suggested that an unseen planet, dubbed "Planet Nine", of about ten times the Earth's mass could be lurking in the Kuiper belt, a band of icy objects beyond ...

Astronomy Nov 12, 2015

Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey—one year into the survey

The Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey (GPIES) is an ambitious three-year study dedicated to imaging young Jupiters and debris disks around nearby stars using the GPI instrument installed on the Gemini South telescope ...

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