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Quantum Physics Nov 30, 2017

Butterfly emerges from quantum simulation

Quantum simulators, which are special-purpose quantum computers, will help researchers identify materials with new and useful properties. This enticing future has just taken a step forward thanks to a collaboration between ...

Quantum Physics Nov 18, 2016

An Archimedes' screw for groups of quantum particles

Anyone who has tried to lead a group of tourists through a busy city knows the problem. How do you keep the group together when they are constantly jostled, held up and distracted by the hubbub around them?

Business Aug 4, 2016

After Yahoo, who's next?

Now that Yahoo Inc. is being sold, what other struggling tech companies might soon find themselves on the auction block?

Business Apr 4, 2016

Ailing ecommerce site Groupon gets $250 mn infusion

Groupon, the daily deals ecommerce operator which has been struggling since a hot public share offering, said Monday it received a $250 million investment from a private investment fund.

Astronomy May 23, 2014

Violent gamma-ray outbursts near supermassive black holes

( —Where in powerful jets of distant active galaxies—the mightiest and most energetic objects known—are the violent outbursts of high energy gamma-ray emission produced? Very close to the central supermassive ...

Telecom Feb 13, 2013

Comcast doubles down on TV in $16.7B deal for NBCU

(AP)—Comcast's $16.7 billion deal to buy the remaining half of NBCUniversal ahead of schedule represents a resounding vote of confidence in the future of TV, even as the growth of Internet video reshapes the entertainment ...

Quantum Physics Mar 21, 2012

Dance like a neutrino: Quantum scheme to simulate neutrino oscillations

The behaviour of some of the most elusive particles in the known universe can be simulated using three atoms in a lab, researchers at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) at the National University of Singapore have ...

Economics & Business Oct 22, 2010

Bankers got a kick out of the Crunch, says academic

The bankers who brought the global economy to its knees two years ago may have enjoyed the sensation of losing hundreds of billions of pounds and plunging the world into recession, according to an academic at Cardiff University.

Quantum Physics Oct 11, 2010

Could light and matter coupling lead to quantum computation?

( -- In science, one of the issues of great interest is that of quantum computing, and creating a way to make it possible on a scalable level. This could be achieved by taking advantage of the strong interaction ...