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Agriculture 11 hours ago

Planet-friendly farming takes root in drought-hit Tunisia

Saber Zouani lost his job as a waiter when the COVID pandemic ravaged the Tunisian tourism sector, so he decided to try something new and started a permaculture farm.

Environment May 26, 2023

What's in a name? Sometimes, the climate

Climate leaves indelible marks on our lives—impacting where we live, what we eat, our work and our leisure. Two scientists recently documented one of climate's lesser-known impacts: our given names.

Plants & Animals May 26, 2023

GPS tracking reveals how a female baboon stopped using urban space after giving birth

A new study from Swansea University and the University of Cape Town provides the first documented evidence of a cessation in urban space use by a female baboon after giving birth: another example of how wild animals are adaptively ...

Ecology May 26, 2023

Death cap mushroom's invasion success may be linked to newly documented variability of toxin genes

It's a cold, wet day in 2015 and Anne Pringle is scouring the understory of a Northern California forest for the unassuming organism that has consumed her research for the last several years: the death cap mushroom, or Amanita ...

Environment May 26, 2023

'We abuse plastic, it's so cheap': UN Environment chief

Humanity uses and abuses hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic a year because "it's so cheap", despite the huge cost of the pollution it creates, the head of the UN Environment Programme told AFP.

Education May 25, 2023

'We haven't been taught about sex': Teens talk about how to fix school sex education

Last week, the Albanese government announced an expert panel to support relationships and sexuality education in Australian schools.

Social Sciences May 25, 2023

Lower GCSE grades for children in families relying on food banks

Children living with long-term poverty and whose families rely on food banks are more likely to achieve lower GCSE grades, finds a report co-authored by UCL researchers.

Ecology May 24, 2023

Fuzzy falcon chicks who nest at Michigan State football stadium get tracking bands

Newly fitted with tracking bands, four peregrine falcon chicks named Pickles, Muhammad, Egbert and Swooper have a nest in one of the best seats—make that perches—at Michigan State University's football stadium.

Education May 24, 2023

New is good: Novelty is essential to keeping bright learners engaged this summer

Parents and caregivers lining up summer camps and other opportunities to occupy their kids when school is out have one more thing to consider as they plan: novelty.

Social Sciences May 24, 2023

Database stores names for family members in 1,200+ languages

The words different cultures use to describe family members have revealed some intriguing insights—including why in Balto-Slavic languages there is a complicated relationship between in-laws and weasels.

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