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Plants & Animals Jan 15, 2021

Filling a crucial gap in aquafarming: Ion beam breeding to the rescue

A research team led by scientists at the RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science (RNC) has successfully created larger-than-usual strains of zooplankton—which are used in fish nurseries—by creating mutations ...

Plants & Animals Jan 15, 2021

Birds that play with others have the biggest brains—and the same may go for humans

Have you ever seen magpies play-fighting with one another, or rolling around in high spirits? Or an apostlebird running at full speed with a stick in its beak, chased by a troop of other apostlebirds? Well, such play behavior ...

Evolution Jan 14, 2021

Foraging humans, mammals and birds who live in the same place behave similarly

Foraging humans find food, reproduce, share parenting, and even organize their social groups in similar ways as surrounding mammal and bird species, depending on where they live in the world, new research has found.

Economics & Business Jan 14, 2021

Keeping nurseries open helps in the fight against inequality but ignores a low-paid and anxious workforce

The current lockdown in England has seen schools closed, but—in a notable shift from the first lockdown in March 2020—nurseries and other venues looking after young children have been told by the government to keep their ...

Social Sciences Jan 14, 2021

Poorest face dilemma in Africa's cities

A recent study in South Africa and Ghana shows people support government steps to combat COVID-19 but lack the infrastructure and financial security required to maintain social distancing.

Earth Sciences Jan 13, 2021

Study find physical weathering of rock breakdown more important than previously recognized

Research led by the University of Wyoming shows that physical weathering is far more important than previously recognized in the breakdown of rock in mountain landscapes. Because it is difficult to measure, physical weathering ...

Materials Science Jan 13, 2021

Copper-indium oxide: A faster and cooler way to reduce our carbon footprint

With ever-worsening climate change, there is a growing need for technologies that can capture and use up the atmospheric CO2 (carbon dioxide) and reduce our carbon footprint. Within the realm of renewable energy, CO2-based ...

Social Sciences Jan 13, 2021

Expansion of parental benefits saved marriages

An expansion of parental benefits in Quebec 15 years ago revolutionized the province's labour force—the intended outcome—but it also saved some marriages, a Western study has found.

Education Jan 13, 2021

Belgian high schoolers demand to get back in-person learning

A late-stage side effect of the coronavirus pandemic has turned up in Belgium, where a group of teenagers is begging to go back to school.

Education Jan 13, 2021

Pandemic's toll shows up on students' college applications

In a college application season like no other, students who have seen every aspect of their lives disrupted by the coronavirus are grappling with how to show their potential.

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