The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) was founded in 1883 and is located near the state capitol of Texas in Austin. The Cockrell School of Engineering, College of Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, Jackson School of Geosciences and College of Natural Sciences receive high marks from university rating providers. UT Austin does not have a medical teaching hospital, but it offers medical sciences courses. Nearly 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students attend UT Austin.

Post Office Box 2, Austin, TX 78713-8926

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Corporations use government grants to lighten debt load

Local and state governments have a variety of tools at their disposal to attract businesses or entice them to stay. One is tax relief. Austin, for example, helped lure electric automaker Tesla in part with property tax rebates ...

Tanks of the triassic: New crocodile ancestor identified

Dinosaurs get all the glory. But aetosaurs, a heavily armored cousin of modern crocodiles, ruled the world before dinosaurs did. These tanks of the Triassic came in a variety of shapes and sizes before going extinct around ...

Proposed reporting system could help avert bank runs

Last year's failures of Silicon Valley Bank and two other financial institutions—after panic-driven runs on deposits—have fueled a longstanding debate in bank regulation: How much transparency is too much?

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