Tiny particles with a big, cool role to play in microscopy

Researchers at UTS, as part of a large international collaboration, have made a breakthrough in the development of compact, low-cost and practical optical microscopy to achieve super-resolution imaging on a scale 10 times ...

Shark-spotting sonar technology put to the test

Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair has announced the NSW Government is collaborating with UTS researchers to assess the capabilities of the Clever Buoy shark-spotting sonar technology off Port Stephens, as part of the ...

Catch of the day key to sustaining coastal communities

Locally caught fish with chips is a delicious highlight for many coastal holiday makers. Now new research shows just how much the local catch means economically and socially for coastal communities.

Survey to expose exploitation of temporary workers

Foreign workers in Australia are being asked to detail their experiences amid growing concerns over their possible exploitation by unscrupulous employers engaged in what researchers describe as "wage theft".

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