The University of Sussex, (US) is located in Falmer, East Sussex in England. US received its Royal Charter in 1961 and has emerged as an multi-disciplinary research center ranked highly for its academic excellence. US has a student body of nearly 12,500 undergraduate and graduate students. In 2004, US opened the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and has embarked on creating a first rate medical research, teaching and patient care presence. US's Chemistry Department is distinguished, in part due to Nobel Laureate Harry Kroto. US has two Nobel Prize winners, 15 Fellows of the Royal Society and numerous accolades attributed to their faculty. US is noted for a campus with diversity, with faculty from 50 countries and students from 120 different countries.

Falmer, BRIGHTON United Kingdom BN1 9QU

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A big step towards quantum tech in space

Operating quantum technology in challenging environments, such as space, has moved a significant step forward after physicists working at the University of Sussex have developed a monitoring and control system blueprint ...

New research shows alarming decline in small mammals in the UK

In the first study of its kind in the UK, researchers have demonstrated a worrying decline in small mammals in Britain. The species found to be the worst affected are the harvest mouse and weasel, which were found to be shrinking ...

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