Life on terra firma began with an invasion

Scientists are now confident animal life on solid ground started with a few short bursts of marine creatures making the leap from the oceans.

Re-constructing the crew of the Mary Rose

For the first time in 500 years, scientists examining human remains from Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose will be able to determine if any bones come from the same person.

Improving the biodiversity of green roofs

Using living organisms such as bacteria or fungi, as an alternative to chemical fertilisers, can improve the soil biodiversity of green roofs, according to new research from the University of Portsmouth.

The hidden cost of buying fresh vegetables all year round

Shortages of lettuces, courgettes, broccoli and other unseasonal vegetables due to bad weather in the Murcia and Andalucia regions of Spain have caused a predictable number of column inches about the UK's reliance on imported ...

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