The University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) or (Mizzou) was founded in 1839. Mizzou is credited with starting the first school of journalism. Today, Mizzou has over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Mizzou is noted for its University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics which includes the medical school, research and patient care, MU Research Park with its International Institute for Nano and Molecular Medicine and more. Mizzou is a highly rated science and medicine university and annually receives highly complex research grants from sources like the NIH.

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Understanding the deep relationship between plants and the wind

As Earth's climate continues to change, a plant's ability to adapt to its shifting environment is critical to its survival. Often, to stay alive a plant must move locations by releasing its seeds, but plants are rooted in ...

Researcher combats bullying of students with disabilities

Students with disabilities are often bullied and socially excluded in school at a far greater rate than their classmates. To help teachers recognize, respond to and prevent bullying toward these students, researchers at the ...

Technology reveals new picture of ancient Native American culture

Jeff Ferguson, Rob Walker and Francisco "Paco" Gomez at the University of Missouri are part of an interdisciplinary research team using drones equipped with light detection and ranging, or lidar, to study ancient Native American ...

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