The University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) or (Mizzou) was founded in 1839. Mizzou is credited with starting the first school of journalism. Today, Mizzou has over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Mizzou is noted for its University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics which includes the medical school, research and patient care, MU Research Park with its International Institute for Nano and Molecular Medicine and more. Mizzou is a highly rated science and medicine university and annually receives highly complex research grants from sources like the NIH.

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Researchers say it's time to clean up the Clean Water Act

In 1969, the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland was so polluted that it caught fire, helping to launch the modern environmental movement and prompting Congress to pass the Clean Water Act three years later. It was one of the first ...

What people value in digital news

Digital news subscriptions have doubled in the past four years, but half of those gains went to the New York Times and the Washington Post alone. To find out why, researchers at the Missouri School of Journalism explored ...

Past suffering can affect future praise, study says

A team of researchers from the University of Missouri has discovered that people tend to give more praise to someone for their good deeds as an adult after discovering that person has also had to overcome adversity or suffering ...

Increasing prevalence of chronic wasting disease in Kansas deer

Researchers at the University of Missouri have found chronic wasting disease—a fatal illness found in deer that affects their neurological system and causes chronic weight loss—has spread fivefold among Kansas counties, ...

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