The University of Manchester was reconstituted in 2004 with the dissolution of Victoria University and merger of The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. The reformed university is a member of the Russell Group and the NB Group for collaborative research. Throughout the history of the University of Manchester going back to 1824, 23 Nobel Laureates have been affiliated with Manchester. The student body at the undergraduate, graduate and professional degree level is over 40,000 students. Notable faculties include, Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Nursing, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences which include material science and aerospace and engineering.

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New yeast biodiversity for brewing

In a new study looking at the fundamentals of biology, scientists at The University of Manchester and the University of Leicester have developed unique fertile hybrid yeast strains that offer novel and exciting options for ...

Plastic-eating bacteria could help aid global recycling efforts

Bacteria which have been shown to degrade and assimilate plastic, has been a key area of international research since 2016. Now a University of Manchester-based team of scientists have made a biotechnological breakthrough ...

New research calls for hybrid working to be more sustainable

The increase in the amount of hybrid working post-pandemic—where office-based employees work remotely for part of the week—needs to be more sustainable, according to a new study from experts based at The University of ...

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