The University of Lincoln is an English university founded in 1992, with origins tracing back to the foundation and association with the Hull School of Art 1861. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II founded the university's main campus at Brayford Pool in 1996, providing economic revitalisation and elevation to Lincoln. The Independent described the university as "the best thing to happen to Lincoln since the Romans". There are further campuses in Riseholme, Holbeach and Hull. The University of Lincoln is the younger of the two Higher Education institutions in Lincoln, the older being Bishop Grosseteste University College, a university college.

Brayford Pool, Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

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New study could improve predictions on rising sea levels

An innovative scientific study involving an international group of 29 ice sheet experts, and led by the University of Lincoln, U.K., has identified that global climate change-related rises in sea level could be better predicted ...

Report highlights farmers' concerns about cultured meat

While some U.K. farmers see the advances in the development of cultured, or cell-based meat, as potential competition to traditional meat production, others from the farming community have suggested it could create a premium ...

New research challenges young dad stereotypes

According to common prejudice, fathers below the age of 25 are inherently "risky," uncaring or irresponsible. However, a new research project brings into question popular myths and shows young dads demonstrating their willingness ...

Paws for thought: Is your pet feeling a complex emotion?

Would you be able to identify what emotions your pet is feeling? A team of cognitive neuroscience and animal behavior scientists have discovered that cat and dog owners perceive a variety of emotional states in their animals, ...

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