University of California-Santa Cruz, (UC Santa Cruz) was founded in 1965 as one of the ten University of California campuses. UCSC has a student body of 15,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. UC Santa Cruz has a high rate of students who go beyond a bachelor degree and obtain a doctoral degree. UC Santa Cruz has a full range of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. UC Santa Cruz is located about 75-miles south of San Francisco in one of the most picturesque areas of California where the sea and the Lomond Mountain Ridge frame the campus.

1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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Unusual currents explain mysterious red crab strandings

For decades, people have wondered why pelagic red crabs—also called tuna crabs—sometimes wash ashore in the millions on the West Coast of the United States. New research shows that atypical currents, rather than abnormal ...

Snowflake morays can feed on land, swallow prey without water

Most fish rely on water to feed, using suction to capture their prey. A new study, however, shows that snowflake morays can grab and swallow prey on land without water thanks to an extra set of jaws in their throats.

Visualizing global representation for Indigenous nations

A new book by Professor of Sociology and Legal Studies Hiroshi Fukurai shows how Indigenous "original nations" around the world are fighting for sovereignty and the ecological preservation of their ancestral homelands across ...

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