The University of Bristol received its Royal Charter in 1909. However, the university has a rich history going back to 1595. Today, the University of Bristol has nearly 23,000 undergraduate and graduate students and is ranked as one of the top ten universities in the U.K. The University of Bristol is located in Bristol, England and draws students from all over Europe. World ranking panels rate the University of Bristol in the top 100 of all universities world-wide. Acclaim for the Computer Science, Electronics and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biological Sciences and Mathematics schools of the University of Bristol in rating by the Times Higher Education Supplement is noted.

Senate House, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TH, UK.

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UK rabbit owners can recognize pain in their pets, study finds

Rabbits are popular family pets, with around 1.5 million in the UK and it is important that owners recognize when their animal is in pain, and know when to seek help to protect their rabbit's welfare. New research by the ...

New realistic computer model will help robots collect moon dust

A new computer model mimics moon dust so well that it could lead to smoother and safer lunar robot teleoperations. The tool, developed by researchers at the University of Bristol and based at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, ...

Scientists reveal why blueberries are blue

Tiny external structures in the wax coating of blueberries give them their blue color, researchers at the University of Bristol can reveal. This applies to a lot of fruits that are the same color including damsons, sloes ...

New species of Jurassic pterosaur discovered on the Isle of Skye

A new species of pterosaur from specimens found on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, has been announced by scientists from the Natural History Museum, University of Bristol, University of Leicester, and University of Liverpool.

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