Uni Research Ltd is a research company with more than 460 highly-qualified employees from 50 different nations. The company has an annual turnover of NOK 400 million and consists of seven departments. Uni Research carries out research and development in the fields of health, modelling, marine molecular biology, environment, climate, energy and social sciences.


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Understanding why nights are getting warmer faster than days

Observations from the last fifty years have shown that the nights have been warming much faster than the days. Analysis of the causes of this more rapid warming at night shows that this is likely to continue in the coming ...

Tracing deep ocean currents

Radioactive isotopes typically take four years to reach the Norwegian coast from Sellafield on the north-eastern coast of England. Researchers like Yongqi Gao follow the radioactive waste to understand how ocean currents ...

Watching the global weather unfold

In a new animation of moisture transport in the atmosphere of moisture transport in the atmosphere, you can watch last year's precipitation fall over land and sea. See tropical cyclones develop and unfold. The animation is ...

New method for more effective oil recovery

Researchers are sending a soil bacterium into alien watersto examine whether the microbe can seal up the right places in oil reservoirs all by itself.

How mixing light with salt makes a smolt?

For decades, researchers have tried to find out what regulates changes in salmon when they transform from being freshwater to saltwater fish. Now they have come a little closer to an answer.

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